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I wish I could say it’s been as smooth as Keltie’s homecoming, but it hasn’t. Colton is home, but on an oxygen saturation monitor as he’s not 100% spell free. We also have oxygen in the house in case he needs blow by to get him out of a spell. Kind of scary stuff, but it is what it is. Also, Chris fell down our stairs last night and severely injured his collarbone / shoulder, rendering that arm useless. So, it’s been all on me at night and we’re lucky to have my MIL helping during the day when she can. If anyone local is willing to donate some time to us, we’d gladly accept it. It’s been a rough 24 hours…

I know I owe a true update – like about Colton going back to Boston Children’s and having eye surgery, then back to SSH. And about having Keltie home and enjoying her. It’s just been insane, to say the least – especially since I’ve been working full time as well. I’m beat. And looking for a break.



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