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As the peanuts catch up on some rest from their exciting outing at Cape Cod Doxie Day yesterday, I can spend some time updating on their new favorite thing – real food!

During Colton’s modified barium swallow study, they had me feed him with a spoon to make sure he wouldn’t aspirate during spoon feeds and he did wonderful. This opened up the opportunity to start them with some real food! I have always planned to do a modified version of Baby Led Weaning (BLW). The concept itself just makes so much sense to me – and especially with preemies sometimes experiencing feeding issues, oral aversions, and the like, it made even more sense. But, because of their prematurity, I wanted to start some solids sooner than 6 months adjusted which is when BLW is suggested to begin. So, I decided to start with some purees and make my own baby food so I could monitor what goes in them (for calories) and adjust the consistency of the food. My baby food isn’t stuck in a Baby Bullet or turned into liquid puree form – but, instead, is hand mashed with a fork or potato masher to allow for lumps and small chunks so they can get used to texture and some chewing. I also started incorporating some Mum Mums to help teach them how to hold and self-feed. It also acts as a distraction since I’m often found feeding two babies alone! A lot of my research on Colton’s severe reflux indicated that once they begin solid foods, their reflux dramatically decreases – so I was excited to start introducing them to stuff other than formula. But, their pincer grasp isn’t close to being ready for full on BLW (kids develop from the “top down” and “inside out” so their grasp right now from a gross and fine motor perspective is more of a full handed reach and grab) so voila – Krista’s Modified BLW!

I can do this myself, TYVM.

Here, let me help you.

Their first food was prunes. I don’t know why I chose it except that I knew it was safe since we have used prune juice in their bottles to help “move things along” in the poop department. Colton enjoyed it and Keltie was a little “eh” about it. We do the foods for 3-4 days to ensure no reactions and so far we’ve been successful with everything we’ve tried!

Here is a breakdown of their favorites:

Keltie – carrots and bananas

Colton – everything except peas 🙂

We have tried:

– Carrots

– Bananas

– Peas

– Butternut squash

– Avocado

– Pears

– Sweet potatoes

Today I’ll be making some apple sauce for this coming week!

They’ve moved from taking about 1oz before their last bottle of the day to 2oz – they really like it and are doing awesome eating from the spoon! They even try and “help” us by taking the spoon themselves but that usually ends up in me putting their Spacesaver high chair covers in the wash. I spoke with their pediatrician last week and she wants us to move to having it twice a day (morning and night) in order to build up to three times a day. It does add more steps in our feeding process and more time to get it all done but we seem to adjust okay once we can get a rhythm down with a new schedule. The good news is Colton barely spits up after his spoon feeds and that is so reassuring to us that, once he starts weaning down his formula, his reflux will get better.

So, we are loving our spoon feeds over here and getting geared up to start this week by adding a morning session to their schedule. Unfortunately, we’ve been struggling with thickening Colton’s bottles (for reflux – to cut down on the spit ups) since there was a warning issued by the FDA of his zero calorie gel thickener, Simply Thick, due to infant deaths. We moved towards using oatmeal but the jury is still out on whether it is helping. Hopefully his GI doctor will call tomorrow with some alternatives.

Here are some fun eating pictures!


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7 months ago as of August 24th, the twins came rushing into the world and we were faced with a lot of fear and unknown.  Today, the future is becoming less scary and the memories of their first few months are ever so slowly fading into our memories.  We have made some strides in their health – resolving some of their preemie issues and feeling a little more “normal” each day. 


Miss Keltie had a routine renal appointment and they cut her blood pressure medicine by one dose to eventually discontinue it.  The dose she is currently at of Captapril is 0.12mL and isn’t even therapeutic anymore based on her weight, but they didn’t want to stop it cold turkey.  They will do a urinalysis (once we have a successful attempt to actually get some – Urine catch bag:  0, Diaper:  4) and an u/s is scheduled for next week to take a look at her kidneys.  We are hoping and praying that everything looks good and the nephrocalcinosis is stable or maybe even better / gone!  As of last week, she weighed 11lbs, 10oz so she is likely close to the 12lb mark by now!

Developmentally, she is perfecting her roll from back to belly and belly to back.  She does it well enough to sleep on her belly when she chooses (much to my dismay and my 2890123810 attempts to roll her back over).  She loves laughing, smiling, and has recently discovered her voice.  Chris and I joke that we now live with a teradactyl!  She is working on learning to sit unassisted and had her first spoon feed last week! 

Keltie in her fancy BabyLegs!


Colton has had a whole bunch of appointments and all of them turning out very well!  He met with his surgeon and he confirmed that his hernias were not present and he doesn’t need surgery!  That same week, we met with his GI doctor and he isn’t concerned about his delayed gastric emptying and is okay that he spits up 24/7  (it’s a laundry problem!).  The only additional testing he would consider at this time is an upper GI but because he’s gaining weight and doing well, he doesn’t think it is necessary.  His reflux does seem better – he doesn’t get the “attacks” like he used to and it truly doesn’t seem to phase him when he does reflux.  We go back to him in about six weeks and will likely continue to see him routinely until Colton works through the reflux.  Finally, Colton went for his third modified barium swallow study last week and the best news of all is:  he no longer aspirates on thin liquids!!!  We are slowly weaning his thickener (to make sure the thinner feeds don’t increase his reflux) and they even had me test him eating by spoon and he did great.  So we were able to introduce spoon feeds to him and he is LOVING IT.  I am so happy to know that he matured his swallow and can safely have thin liquids and start these spoon feeds!  As of last week, he was 13lbs, 13oz so I’m sure he’s well over 14lbs now!

Developmentally, Colton is still working on rolling over completely from back to belly.  He does well belly to back and we know he’ll figure it out soon.  He is doing excellent pushing up on his forearms and playing on his belly.  He is also learning to sit unassisted and found his feet and loves playing with them.  Colton has become a much more smiley guy and has the most adorable giggle.  He LOVES playing with toys and really enjoys chewing on his Sophie giraffe.

Mmmm Sophie is yummy!


Overall, we are so pleased with their progress and love checking off these boxes with each doctors appointment.  They are doing well meeting their adjusted age milestones and their laughs, smiles, and interactions warm our hearts each day!  Coming up next –  Spoon feedings, food, and baby led weaning (BLW)!

Happy 7 Months, Peanuts!

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