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It’s that time of year again!  We are working on building our 2013 March for Babies team that honors Colton and Keltie and helps provide money towards research that helps other babies like them.  Their team, Half Baked Crusaders, was small but mighty last year and we are hoping to make it even bigger and better!

Last year, they were itty bitty.  Colton was just released from the NICU after 142 days.  We had to bring his SpO2 monitor and portable oxygen with us just in case he had a spell.  Those days seem like so long ago as we see him now big, strong, and mobile!  I also got to kick off the March for Babies efforts with my employer, Sears Holdings Corporation, by telling our story and inspiring all of the associates at Kmart to ask our customers for donations.  It was an honor and something I was proud to do.

So – what are you doing on Sunday, June 23rd?  Please consider joining our team and walking with us along the beautiful Cape Cod Canal in support of the March for Babies.  You can easily join our team by visiting the team website:  http://www.marchforbabies.org/team/t1947387

If you don’t live near us and can’t walk, please consider donating to our team through the website shown above.  All of your donations are tax deductible.  Honor Colton and Keltie and all they have overcome to be the thriving little people that they are today by donating to a cause that will forever be important to them and our family.  If you own or know someone who owns a business in the South Shore of MA or Cape Cod area – please contact me about being a family team sponsor and the advertising opportunities that come with donations of $100, $250 $500, $750, or $1000.  These family team sponsor donations help our team reach our goals, as well as helping to promote your business locally. Each sponsorship will receive a 18×24” sign to display along the walk- with your business name, level of sponsorship, and our Family Team name.  A great way to support a great cause- and get some advertising around the community!

Please consider supporting Half Baked Crusaders – and we’d love to have our local friends and family join us on Sunday, June 23rd!

2012 Half Baked Crusaders Team!

2012 Half Baked Crusaders Team!

Mother's Day Kmart


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November is prematurity awareness month and although I have always supported the March of Dimes, it hits closer to home this year because of my two special fighters.  On November 17th, World Prematurity Day, we wore purple to honor the preemies still in the NICU fighting for their lives, those that have lost their battle, and those that are home – once tiny, always strong.  We also went with the March of Dimes to South Shore Hospital to bring the NICU baskets of items to help other babies in need.  Our family contribution was eight of our ever favorite Aden & Anais swaddle blankets with the hope that the nurses will snuggle some of the current itty bitties in those soft swaddles instead of the sometimes stiff and rough hospital blankets.  Colton and Keltie had an arsenal of those swaddles and their nurses loved them – so it was nice to give back to the place they called home for 100 and 142 days.

We were lucky to see some familiar faces – a few nurses we knew and one of our favorite doctors.  He held Keltie and she smiled and giggled at him – I have to think that made his day.  Walking out, I teared up.  It was the first time I walked both of my former 26 weekers out of that hospital, healthy and enjoying life outside of those walls.  It warmed my heart to give back to the special nurses, doctors, and staff of their NICU as they will always be considered extended family members of ours.  It was even better to have one of their primary nurses, Fran, come to the house to visit the following day.  Having these people remain in our life is so important to me – and I know it will be important to Colton and Keltie in the future.

Just as important to giving back to their NICU is spreading awareness.  My lovely preemie mom friend, Joanna, has an excellent blog about her twin boys who are also preemies.  She dedicated blog entries for the month of November to sharing stories of all their preemie friends.  You see – there is a group of about 60 of us who are in this “sisterhood” because of the common bond of having experienced life with a preemie.  These women, I’ve mentioned before, are some of the strongest, most incredible women that I’ve ever met.  Two of them came to my house to help me when Colton came home – they had only known me through our online group, yet they sacrificed their time to help a preemie mom in need.  We lift each other up in support during the downs and we cheer and applaud all of the ups.  We also overshare and may even be a bit crass.  But they’re amazing – I wouldn’t want to walk this life without their love and support. 

So – check out the highlight on Colton and Keltie and some of the other stories on Joanna’s blog, including her own.  You’ll find some pretty special kiddos and some pretty amazing mamas!


And remember – everyone knows someone who loves a preemie.  Spread the awareness – 1 in 8 babies are born premature in this world.  That is a ratio that is far, far too high.

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Today I had the pleasure of sharing our story with the team leaders of Sears Holdings Corporation’s March of Dimes.  As you may know, Kmart and SHC are huge supporters of the March of Dimes and I have been with SHC for 7 years providing HR support to the Home Services and Supply Chain divisions.  Kmart, its customers and associates have officially raised more than $100 million for the March of Dimes over the last 29 years – a remarkable fundraising achievement!

I thought sharing our story was a good opportunity for the team leaders to connect their efforts with someone “local”.  I will admit – it was hard to write out their story and not feel emotional and I think that this is a feeling that will never go away.  But, I made it through it and it was a nice opportunity – they showed pictures of the twins in the conference room while I spoke. 

This is a nice segway into what I’m asking from all of you who have followed our story from the beginning and continue to provide your love and support – please consider joining us in support of the March of Dimes to honor Colton and Keltie.  If you’re local to us, consider joining our team and walking along the canal.  If you’re not able to join our team, please donate to this wonderful organization that dedicates its resources to research, education, and efforts towards the prevention of prematurity and increasing the health of babies.  Surfactant, a drug developed through the March of Dimes efforts, was given to Colton and Keltie in the delivery room and contributed to saving their lives so this truly hits close to home.  You can join our team or donate by clicking on the link below – please show your support of the Half Baked Crusaders!



How your donation helps!


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