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Gosh – it’s been busy but, like a broken record, you’ve heard that here before.  So, let’s get into the details!

Colton and Keltie turned one on January 24th.  What a day it was – I spent it working and Chris spent it carting the celebrities around to visit various family members.  They had cake.  Three times.  And I cried myself to sleep.  An odd sensation of “we did it” came over me and it was a nice release. 

They had great 12 month check ups at the pediatrician about a week later.  I didn’t get the actual age percentages but I know both are on the actual charts for everything except length!
Keltie: 17lbs, 10oz (43% adj), 27″ long (30% adj), and 17.25″ head (50% adj).  She’s pretty proportionate.
Colton: 20lbs, 4oz (65% adj), 27″ long (9% adj), and 18″ head (75% adj).  He’s basically a big bowling ball.

The pedi is very happy with where they are at! And clearly so are we considering when they were born, their stats were –
Keltie: 1lb, 9oz and 13″ long
Colton: 1lb, 13oz and 13″ long

We did have a bit of a scare – both of them came down with pneumonia.  Luckily we were able to treat from home and didn’t have a hospitalization.  It was scary, especially with the coughing and wheezing, but they were strong and some antibiotics and nebulizer treatments helped immensely.  If we get out of this winter only having pneumonia I will say it has been an extremely successful seclusion!  As much as we are going a bit batshit crazy from not being able to take them anywhere and spending 99% of our time at home, keeping them healthy is much more of a priority and it is clearly working. 

Developmentally, they’re doing amazing.  SIMPLY AMAZING for being born so early and going through so much.  We have PT coming once a week for them both, in addition to our developmental specialist (OT).  PT has been an incredible boost for their gross motor skills!  Keltie is now crawling on her hands and knees, pulling to a stand, and is starting to cruise some furniture.  I think she’ll be walking shortly (watch out world)!  She has ZERO fear – so a lot of what we’re working on with her is safety.  Colton is army / belly crawling.  He is bearing weight through his legs but doesn’t pull to a stand yet.  Just this weekend he has been seen rocking on his hands and knees so I think he’s working on some advancement to kneeling / crawling on hands and knees.  Both are clapping – especially when you sing “Patty Cake”.  Grammie and Grandy worked on that with them!  Lots of babbling but no words yet.  We transitioned them to milk – so no more formula!  And they’re eating three meals a day and loving all the different foods they’re trying.  Colton’s favorite is still yogurt and he likes pot roast.  Keltie’s favorite are carbs and crunchy things.  Both love pasta – they are Italian.  🙂 

Oh and *drumroll please*:  for the first time ever, in their entire 13+months of living, they are not on ANY medication!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keltie had an appointment with her nephrologist two weeks ago and her nephrocalcinosis has resolved and now we have only annual visits with her!  No more Diuril!  And we started weaning Colton’s First Omeprazole (Prilosec) once he was transitioned to milk and he’s doing awesome with barely any reflux at all!  I NEVER thought the day would come and it seriously makes me so proud.  I was in Florida on business when Chris brought Keltie to her appointment – he text me about her nephrocalcinosis and I had to fight back tears.  Such strong, strong little people!

And – we have teeth!  Well, Colton has teeth and I think tonight I might have felt one for Keltie.  Colton literally got 4, yes FOUR, teeth in about 48 hours.  Not exaggerating.  I put him to bed one night and he woke up with two more teeth.  It’s insane!  And they’ve been tolerating it really, really well – not much of a demeanor change and just some Tylenol or Motrin here and there and that’s it.  Thankfully. 

I think that’s about it – they make me smile (and cringe haha) every day!  Their personalities are hilarious and now that they’re on the move it’s a whole new challenge.  We are getting excited for Easter – last year, it was the one “family” holiday they spent in the hospital and that was a hard day for both Chris and I (he worked and had a tough time leaving the hospital to go to work).  I got out their Easter baskets and they could have slept in them this time last year.  Easter has always been a tough holiday as I lost my Grampy on Easter many years ago – so the NICU memories of it don’t help.  But what we are trying to focus on is how far we’ve come from last year and how exciting it will be to celebrate the Easter Bunny with them and dress them in their Easter Sunday best (bonnet optional haha)!

I’ll leave you with some pictures –

One Year Old!

One Year Old!

One Year Old!

One Year Old!

Handsome guy!

Handsome guy!

Pretty lady!

Pretty lady!

Sassy and Coy

Sassy and Coy


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The holiday season came and left very quickly – almost as fast as the 5 hour shopping spree I went on to get all the shopping done I could prior to the holiday.  We took Colton and Keltie to pick out their first tree – not sure how much they liked it but it was a warmer “winter” day, so we took advantage.  Tall and skinny – the way we like our trees!  Because it’s such a small world, we ran into one of their NICU roommates while at the tree place!  He was a cutie and, from what I’ve learned, parents of cute babies tend to introduce themselves and inquire about such babies.  So that is when we got into the typical conversation of how old they are “well, they’re technically almost 11 months but they were micropreemies so they’re really 7 1/2 months” and about how they were in the NICU.  Well, this little guy was in the SSH NICU as well because of blood sugar issues.  Ahh, I thought to myself, this is one of the “fatty patatties” that we had as rotating roommates in the Party Pod.  When we said their names, they immediately perked up – they were 3 day residents in the Party Pod as well!!  It was funny, we all got a good chuckle out of it and it was probably more memorable than the actual tree picking out for the twins. 

Christmas Eve we spent at my mom and stepdad’s house for their annual gathering.  It was fun to have the twins dressed up and playing with their oodles of new toys.  It also happened to be their 11 Month birthday!  Keltie had a blast with my uncle’s glasses.








Christmas Eve













Christmas we spent at my sister-in-law’s with the Allan family and Grandy.  It was a wonderful day and once again the kids got spoiled with lots of new toys.  It’s been almost a month and we still don’t know where we are going to put everything!

Since then, we have worked harder on their playroom.  I say “we” but really it was Chris and his Mom and Dad while I was away in Chicago on business.  We went through and pulled out all of their “baby” toys to make room for their new stuff, hung the TV on the wall, got a bookcase to hold all their books and toys, and took out the Pack N Play.  I can’t believe that they’re too “old” for their play mats and things we have used daily over the last 6 months!  It is nice, though, to have a space dedicated to them and all of their things.  They really enjoy having the freedom to roll around and play with new toys that capture their attention.

From the developmental side, they both have had a boom but especially Keltie.  Three weeks prior to Christmas, we had PT come in to work with her on her arm strength.  About the day before Christmas, she started army crawling and sitting unassisted!  Just like she was in the NICU, as soon as we start rallying the troops she goes “oh you just need me to do X,Y and Z, I can totally do that” – typical Keltie.  So, as of their 11 month birthday, I had two unassisted sitters (still without protective reflexes so they do topple over sometimes) and one crawler.  They both started using consonant sounds as well – lots of dadadadadadada and mamamamamama and babababababa.  It’s pretty awesome!  We are still working on Colton crawling – his strength is there but he’s a lazy white boy who much prefers to roll everywhere he goes.

I've been everywhere, man...

I’ve been everywhere, man…



Who are these big kids?!

Who are these big kids?!











Health-wise, they’ve been good.  Well, up until they got pneumonia this week.  And passed it along to Mommy and Daddy.  Thanks, guys.  As of January 11th, Colton weighed 19lbs, 11oz and Keltie weighed 17lbs, 3oz.  They have their 12 month check up February 1st, so we’ll get all of the stats and percentiles then.  I can’t believe they’re almost a year old…it’s been the fastest and slowest year of my life. 

This past Sunday we had a very small birthday party for them with immediate family only because of germs and RSV.  And, even with all the precautions we take, they have still managed to come down with pneumonia.  So, if that’s any indication as to why I’m crazy about bringing them places, maybe you can understand it a bit more.  That celebration deserves its own post – so watch for that to come up next.  And – we’re coming into the one year anniversary of my pPROM and the delivery, so I am likely to use this blog to get some of those emotions out.  Stay tuned.

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Sooo…it’s obvious that time is something I lack these days.  Such is life I guess – between the peanuts, their chaotic schedules, work, home, holidays, etc…it’s been quite busy.  I keep saying that I need one of those little yellow minions to help me out but I’ve yet to figure out how to get one.  But, here I am and we should get caught up on the wee ones!

On October 24th, they turned 9 months old!!!  Amazing – simply amazing.  Here were their  9 month (5.5 adj) pedi appointment stats:
– 17lbs, 2oz (10th percentile for actual LOL FATTY)
– 25.75″ long (25th percentile for adjusted)
-17.5″ head (25th percentile for actual – huge dome)
– 14lbs, 4oz (2nd percentile for actual YAY!)
– 24.75″ long (20th percentile for adjusted)
– 16.75″ head (11th percentile for actual)

They have made it onto the chart for all but their length – I am so shocked considering how tiny they were!  As of last week (they went for their first Synagis shot to help fight against RSV), Colton was 18lbs, 1oz and Keltie was 15lbs, 6oz so they are doing a fantastic job growing!

We were blessed to have my friend Candace from Candace Schwab Photography in town the day before their 9 month birthday and she was kind enough to come down and do a family photoshoot for us.  Her pictures came out absolutely incredible – as always!

 They experienced their first earthquake and hurricane as well – and survived both.  Lucky for us they were minor events but it was my first earthquake and I am over 31 years older then they are! 

Colton and Keltie both sat unassisted in the month of October.  Colton is perfecting his sitting while Keltie has a little more work to do.  They continue to roll all over the place, laugh while being tickled (and sang to), and love eating all kinds of new food.  We got the green light to start adding proteins so they have had chicken, turkey, yogurt, quinoa, and other yummy things. 

We attended their NICU Follow-up Clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital at the end of October and had assessments done.  The clinic included meeting with two neonatologists and a psychologist.  It was a bit uncomfortable (we were in a room with one of those mirrors where people could watch from another room), but we tried to go with the flow.  Colton came out in all areas between his adjusted and actual age so he is doing really well with his milestones.  Keltie met her adjusted age for almost everything but was slightly delayed in a few areas so we scheduled a physical therapy consult to see if there is anything more we can do to help get her caught up.  They also suggested a second hearing screen (ABR) for both of them and that is scheduled for December.  Nothing major to be concerned about, but making sure everything is still good.  Much of the testing was done with toys so I wasn’t surprised that Colton did so well – he’s the toy guy.  Keltie much prefers to be social with people so I think that may have played into the results slightly but we will get her there.  I know she will walk and talk eventually! 

We also got to experience their first Halloween!  A good friend of our family agreed to sew handmade costumes for them and they were Pebbles and Bam Bam!  The costumes came out incredible – Lois did an amazing job!  We took them trick or treating to a few neighbors houses and it was fun – Keltie enjoyed the crinkle of the M&M package she got, while Colton was more interested in chewing on his basket.  No surprises there!

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Look at us getting so big!!

On September 24th it was Colton and Keltie’s 8 month birthday!!! 

As of last week, Keltie weighed 13lbs, 9oz and Colton weighed 16lbs, 2oz!  They are growing so well and each day it seems they do something new to make us laugh.  In fact, Keltie’s newest trick is blowing raspberries:    Excuse it being upside down but I was trying to film it while she was on my lap.  And when she’s shaking, it’s me laughing at her.  She also does this now while eating which is really fun…   Both are still rolling champions!  You can’t put them down on their activity mat and walk away for a second.  Keltie likes inch worming to get to where she needs to be.  Today, Colton sat unassisted (froggy style) during his Early Intervention session!!!  We have been working with them both on their arm strength and sitting and I was so happy to see him do it! 

Overall, I can say I never thought we’d be at such a good place with these two miracles after only 8 months.  We are so proud of their strength and development and enjoy witnessing these milestones so very much!

(PS -I don’t know what is up with the formatting of the blog lately…it seems to have a mind of it’s own!)

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7 months ago as of August 24th, the twins came rushing into the world and we were faced with a lot of fear and unknown.  Today, the future is becoming less scary and the memories of their first few months are ever so slowly fading into our memories.  We have made some strides in their health – resolving some of their preemie issues and feeling a little more “normal” each day. 


Miss Keltie had a routine renal appointment and they cut her blood pressure medicine by one dose to eventually discontinue it.  The dose she is currently at of Captapril is 0.12mL and isn’t even therapeutic anymore based on her weight, but they didn’t want to stop it cold turkey.  They will do a urinalysis (once we have a successful attempt to actually get some – Urine catch bag:  0, Diaper:  4) and an u/s is scheduled for next week to take a look at her kidneys.  We are hoping and praying that everything looks good and the nephrocalcinosis is stable or maybe even better / gone!  As of last week, she weighed 11lbs, 10oz so she is likely close to the 12lb mark by now!

Developmentally, she is perfecting her roll from back to belly and belly to back.  She does it well enough to sleep on her belly when she chooses (much to my dismay and my 2890123810 attempts to roll her back over).  She loves laughing, smiling, and has recently discovered her voice.  Chris and I joke that we now live with a teradactyl!  She is working on learning to sit unassisted and had her first spoon feed last week! 

Keltie in her fancy BabyLegs!


Colton has had a whole bunch of appointments and all of them turning out very well!  He met with his surgeon and he confirmed that his hernias were not present and he doesn’t need surgery!  That same week, we met with his GI doctor and he isn’t concerned about his delayed gastric emptying and is okay that he spits up 24/7  (it’s a laundry problem!).  The only additional testing he would consider at this time is an upper GI but because he’s gaining weight and doing well, he doesn’t think it is necessary.  His reflux does seem better – he doesn’t get the “attacks” like he used to and it truly doesn’t seem to phase him when he does reflux.  We go back to him in about six weeks and will likely continue to see him routinely until Colton works through the reflux.  Finally, Colton went for his third modified barium swallow study last week and the best news of all is:  he no longer aspirates on thin liquids!!!  We are slowly weaning his thickener (to make sure the thinner feeds don’t increase his reflux) and they even had me test him eating by spoon and he did great.  So we were able to introduce spoon feeds to him and he is LOVING IT.  I am so happy to know that he matured his swallow and can safely have thin liquids and start these spoon feeds!  As of last week, he was 13lbs, 13oz so I’m sure he’s well over 14lbs now!

Developmentally, Colton is still working on rolling over completely from back to belly.  He does well belly to back and we know he’ll figure it out soon.  He is doing excellent pushing up on his forearms and playing on his belly.  He is also learning to sit unassisted and found his feet and loves playing with them.  Colton has become a much more smiley guy and has the most adorable giggle.  He LOVES playing with toys and really enjoys chewing on his Sophie giraffe.

Mmmm Sophie is yummy!


Overall, we are so pleased with their progress and love checking off these boxes with each doctors appointment.  They are doing well meeting their adjusted age milestones and their laughs, smiles, and interactions warm our hearts each day!  Coming up next –  Spoon feedings, food, and baby led weaning (BLW)!

Happy 7 Months, Peanuts!

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Oh Miss Keltie – my have you grown!  It has been 6 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days since you decided that you truly wanted OUT.  I think I remind you of that fact on a daily basis and I am so thankful that I *can* remind you of that fact on a daily basis.  I took some time to look through all 800+ pictures I have of you and your brother that were taken over the last six months and I must admit, it has been the longest and shortest six months of our lives.  You’ve put us through the ringer but oh man is it ever worth it!  You already know how to work it – with that ridiculously huge and gummy smile, you can essentially get anything you want.  I wonder if you know that yet?  Probably.  We’re screwed…  Anyways, let’s do a little rundown of how you’ve been lately!

Birth, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months


Keltie is currently 11lbs and about 22″ long – that’s quite the difference in almost 7 months and from starting at 1 lbs, 9oz and 13″ long. She has been doing really well and is growing at a good rate.  She is eating 4.5oz of Neosure formula every 3 hours and is tolerating her vitamins and medicine each day.  She has her blood pressures taken weekly, but will be moved to every other week after her appointment with her renal specialist next week.  Her blood pressure has been stable so it looks as though the nephrocalcinosis isn’t affecting her much and she’s outgrowing it.  She graduated from the ophthalmologist as well!!  Her ROP has totally resolved and her vessels have grown in well in both eyes.  We are so happy she avoided the laser eye surgery!  Since coming home she truly has flourished and has been a healthy little girl.


Hanging in my Bumbo

Early Intervention has been coming for the last two months and we have seen great strides in Keltie’s development.  Their developmental specialist, Sheila, has done a lot of work with them and we continue to work on the skills she targets each week.  Keltie currently tracks her toys and people well and is doing great reaching for and batting at toys.  Her tummy time skills did leave a lot to be desired, but with dedication from Mommy and Daddy (and the help of using her Bumbo under close supervision), she is finally pushing up on her arms and holding her head really well.  And, on Wednesday, Miss Keltie rolled from back to tummy!!!  We were SO excited!  We continue to work on head / neck control, rolling, and are now working on sitting up unassisted. 


Smiling is my favorite!

Keltie is a hambone.  As soon as she figured out smiling, she decided that was her most favorite thing to do!!  She smiles all the time, most of the day, and even has worked in a really cute laugh!  She likes laughing at peek-a-boo and other silly things Mommy and Daddy do for her.  She is such an “easy” baby – she is pretty laid back and likes to just take it all in.  Keltie’s second favorite thing to do is cuddle.  In fact, I had been trying to work on this entry while she has been laying on my left shoulder asleep and it didn’t make for a comfortable typing position…but she’s worth it so I waited until Daddy took her to bed to start.  She is learning her voice and doing a lot of cooing and shreeking!  It’s simply amazing to see her coming into her own little self.  I laugh and cry every time she laughs – it amazes me.

Overall, she is doing awesome and is a great little girl.  We are so blessed to wake up to her each day, to be showered in her smiles, and consumed by her cuddles.  She is perfect. 

Collage of Keltie over the last 6 Months

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Well, it’s been a while since the last update and it’s been a bit insane to say the least. 

Last Monday was the usual dreaded eye exam.  And it ended up being one of the worst days since the twins were really sick and little.  Keltie’s ROP progressed to Stage 3 in one of her eyes and the doctor wanted her to have a second opinion up at Boston’s Children’s Hospital (BCH).  Colton’s spells had reached the point where they stopped feeding him by mouth and put his feeding tube back in because the spells were so bad and so frequent.  With that, he was also ordered to go to BCH for a swallow study (his eyes were still Stage 2).  So on Monday, we packed up both of their things and were discharged from South Shore Hospital (SSH) and both babies were taken by separate ambulances to Boston.  It was an emotional nightmare.  I am so grateful, though, that one of their primary nurses, Fran, who wasn’t even working in the NICU on Monday agreed to transport them for us.  Fran came in to check on them during a break in her inservice training and I burst into tears.  I begged her to be the transport nurse if they went on Tuesday and she got right up and said she was going to do it that day.  And she did.  And I owe her the small amount of sanity I had left – it meant so much to us that she went above and beyond.  She’s so special to us and our kids.

Tuesday, Keltie had her eye exam at BCH and their ophthalmology team agreed with the doctor that it was Stage 3, but she was “pre-plus disease” which means that she is not in need of surgery at this point.  They took some amazing pictures of her eyes and showed both Chris and I what ROP looked like, etc…  Colton had his swallow study that afternoon and it showed that he was aspirating on regular breast milk thickness and nectar thickness, but that he was safe for the most part on honey thick feeds.  So the plan was for me to return Wednesday morning and feed him on the thickened feeds (and you can’t safely thicken breast milk until they are 44 weeks old, so he is now on all formula feeds thickened with rice cereal) with the Feeding Team watching to determine how long he could handle the thickened feeds.  The concern was him burning too many calories trying to suck the thick feeds and tiring out, so they prepared us that he may only be able to take 10mLs of his feed (full feeds are 60-70mLs).  Little did they know my son…

Wednesday morning I arrived and did Colton’s feed.  He finished the entire thing in 20-25 minutes no problem.  That’s my boy!  So, they were comfortable saying he could do full feeds by mouth as long as he did it within 20-25 minutes.  Colton was happy about that!  Both babies were scheduled to have surgical consult at SSH before they left for their hernias, so they did this at BCH and with Keltie they were concerned about the “hardness” of her “hernia”.  So, they schedule an u/s on her hernia to get a better look at it.  Come to find out…her left ovary had made its way into her inguinal canal and that’s what they were feeling!  The surgery team came up to speak with me and explained that due to the nature of the organ being in the canal, they had to do surgery within 24-48 hours.  I was petrified.  They were able to push the ovary back up (with Keltie screaming – the poor thing!) so they were okay waiting until Thursday to do the surgery.  That started a flurry of activity and me meeting with the anesthesiologist, surgeon team, etc….  I couldn’t believe my little 5lb miracle was going to have to be put under for surgery and I was so afraid that it was going to impact her progress with her breathing and being off of any breathing support.  Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much that night. 

Thursday morning we found out that Colton was being transferred back to SSH.  So, Chris went up to Boston to be with Keltie for her surgery and I met Colton at SSH to get him settled back in before I headed up to Boston myself.  Colton was welcomed back as the Mayor of the SSH NICU / Special Care Nursery and I felt comfortable knowing he was with people that knew him so well and loved him so much.  I got to Boston just in time for Keltie to come back to her room for recovery.  She had an IV in her head – but thankfully Chris prepared me to see that before she was wheeled in.  The surgery team fell in love with her and wanted to keep her 🙂  She did really well and ended up with a bilateral hernia repair – so two incisions about an inch or so in length.  The surgeon said he did it “on her bikini line” and I literally replied with “what do I give a shit about my 3 month old daughter’s bikini line!”  But, apparently there are some other parents who get concerned about that stuff – hey, to me, they are her little battle scars for being such a brave, strong girl!  She came up from surgery and wasn’t intubated, which I was SO grateful of.  She did need some low-flow nasal cannula support for about an hour but by Friday morning she was just like she was before surgery and doing all her breathing on her own.

Friday morning we found out that Keltie was ready to be transferred back to SSH and I headed up to Boston to pack her things and wait for her ambulance chariot to get there.  It was so nice to have them back together and back to their “home” hospital where people know and love them so much.  Fran was working the weekend and had them and it filled my heart to not have to be worried about them being further away in a place they didn’t know with people who didn’t know them like the team at SSH does. 

Since being back at SSH, they have both been doing well.  Colton is a moose and weighs 6lbs, 8oz and Keltie is holding at around 5lbs, 2oz.  They are preparing Keltie for discharge and it may even be this week!  Colton is still struggling a bit with some spells – but not nearly as much as he was prior to going on the thickened feeds.  His reflux is just brutal on him.  But, on Saturday he was put on room air with no breathing support and he’s been doing awesome ever since!

We’re getting close…there may actually be a light at the end of the tunnel.  Of course it wouldn’t come without some dramatics prior to, but should we expect anything less?

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